Living with Garmin Forerunner 405 imperfections

The Garmin FR405 is a rather old model now, and has many well-publicised annoyances which have been improved upon by later models, however if like me you cannot justify the price of a 610 or other fancy model when your 405 / 405CX / 410 watch is not broken (I got mine at a bargain price during Best Buy's UK closing down sale!), there are ways to get the best out of it, that seem to be a lot less widely publicised than its problems...

I lock my 405 in the rain, I always have it set to auto-scroll so that the information I need is available without needing to unlock and lock again. 

Also worth noting if you train when it's both wet and dark - the two-finger-touch to illuminate the screen obviously does not work when the bezel is locked. To get around this I use this well-buried setting:

Menu -> Settings -> System -> Backlight -> Mode -> Keys and Alerts

This way the screen automatically lights up to show you your lap/split time and then fades out again.

If one day the auto-light seems to have stopped working even though you have not changed the setting, then it is probably because at some point when unlocked, you did a two-finger-touch to cancel the light whilst unlocked. The 405 seems to 'remember' the cancelled light until you next do a two-finger-touch (whilst unlocked) to re-enable the light. After this the auto-light should work from your next split onwards.

Set bezel sensitivity to suit you - for me 'medium' is enough that 99% of deliberate presses are recognised and accidental presses are rare.

Get the fabric velcro replacement strap - it's continuously adjustable so no more "in between notches" problems, it's more comfortable especially on smaller/bonier wrists like mine!

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Tom - Nov 8, 2017 at 09:42

More important how to develope environment tools and sets.

Tom - Nov 8, 2017 at 09:45

But gadjet and kit are counterparts of same systems and you have to use it silencely.

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