Ntlworld Gmail Virgin Media webmail sign-in problems - SOLVED

When virginmedia SSO and Gmail get confused by some combination of ntl/virgin/google cookies and/or having an ntlworld email address associated to a non-virgin Google account:

https://www.google.com/a/ntlworld.com/ <- try to Sign In with your username and password here, ignore the red error message "This account is not an administrator, please log in to an administrator account", the cookie/session setup you need has actually happened anyway, just visit:
http://mail.ntlworld.com/ <- this will redirect you to ntlworld webmail without virginmedia SSO sticking its oar in :-)

This may be useful for people like me, who still have an old ntlworld.com email address in use (I have one from many years back that is used for various newsletter subscriptions and other high spam risk duties). Especially if you used that same email address to sign up for a Google account, back in the days when you could create a "My Google" account with any working non-googlemail email address, and back in the days before NTL/Virgin migrated its email accounts to Gmail services.

What tends to happen when you follow the webmail links that VirginMedia offer you, especially if you've had a mix of other VirginMedia and Google account sessions in your browser, is that the VM single-sign-on gets stuck in an endless loop of redirects back to the SSO login form. The links above can be used to establish a valid session, bypassing the SSO bug.

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